Relevant Relations’ approach to crafting every production is highly imaginative. Our experiential event activation programs include production, design, guest list, entertainment and media outreach.

From high-impact parties to film premieres, hosted screenings, collection launches, intimate farm-to-table dinners, exclusive boutique openings, immersive performances, charity galas, panel discussions, runway, award and trade shows, we are able to create and execute any vision.

Relevant Relations pioneers all areas of production, from concept and creative thought to post-event publicity with an inventive and strategic approach. Our clientele’s creative vision and business goals are met with instant brand recognition. By identifying unexpected and original moments for collaborative growth, we ensure high quality editorial coverage that leaves a lasting impression. Guest lists are curated from our diverse community of VIP influencers, cultural organizations, talent and media contacts that are in harmony with brand mission and produce a prolific 360 branded entertainment experience.